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Faucet cash is the top paying cryptocurrency faucet network. We have bitcoin faucets, litecoin faucets, bitcore faucets, ethereum faucets, dogecoin faucets, dash faucets, and more. Faucet Cash pays cryptocurrency for doing tasks, collecting from faucets, or one of our may innovative ways to earn crypto coins. All payouts are arranged through the chat once the task or job is completed, and you must have a faucethub.io account to collect. If you do not have a faucethub account just click this link to signup it is free to join and any faucets that we promote will require you to have an account there to collect payments from them as well.

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Current Task Payout is 150,000 Litoshi each task for repeat workers and 5,000 litoshi per task for new workers to ensure that you can do the work before we create a working relationship.

Crypto Mining

Click start to help us fund our faucets.

I am having you mine for crypto currency to help keep our faucets funded. Here are your stats:

You can start or stop at any time but letting it run helps keep our faucets funded.

Faucet Rates

These are the current coin rates that we are paying for each of our faucets in our network. Scroll down to see the faucet section to claim.

BTC = Bitcoin 1 Minute = 2 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (8 satoshi a minute)

BTX = Bitcore 1 Minute = 400 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (1,600 satoshi a minute)

Dash = Dash 1 Minute = 12 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (48 satoshi a minute)

Doge = Dogecoin 1 Minute = 600,000 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (2,400,000 satoshi a minute)

ETH = Ethereum 1 Minute = 10 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (40 satoshi a minute)

LTC = Litecoin 1 Minute = 50 Satoshi per claim 4 separate faucets. (200 litoshi a minute)


Collect from one of our 25 top paying cryptocurrency faucets. All payments are paid through faucethub only.

Payout Stats: Currently we are paying out over 33,717 claims daily and growing.

Rambo Pool

Rambo Pool

If you currently are using our paid mining feature you can use payouts towards the rambo pool for a chance to win more.

Another great feature we do is allow people who are on faucethub to join in on our rambo pool. Rambo pool is basically where multiple people tip in 2k btc satoshi to us on the faucethub chat and once we get enough we play rambo betting high with startegy. If we lose all funds are gone for that round. However if we win we split it among the people who chipped in. You can add any amount you want above 2k most do 10k to 50k satoshi. We play a minimum of 100 to 200 turns betting 1k to 6k plus a bet. Below you will find our rounds so far and earnings or losses. Make sure to contact me on faucethub to get in on the latest round. This is a great way to use a little satoshi to be able to spin alot to have a better chance of beating the odds.

Round 1: 100,000 satoshi win

Round 2: 100,000 satoshi win

Round 3: 130,000 satoshi win

Round 4: 160,000 satoshi win

Round 5: 110,000 satoshi win

Own A Faucet

Run Your Own Faucet

We make it easy for anyone to actually run there own faucet. All you have to do is inquire in chat with us and we help get the ball rolling for you. We provide the script uploaded to a page name on our website of your choosing as long as we agree on it and no one else is using it already and you may select you own background and provide whatever ads you like. Hosting is provided by us of course and we add your faucet to our faucet lists here on the Faucet Cash website. In return you allow us to use the bottom ad box on the script for our own ads and please no pop ups allowed. You are required to fund your own faucet(s) with whatever cryptocurrency your faucet is designed to payout to users. All faucets are paying through faucethub and admin password may not be changed as we need access to the faucet as well as you. We reserve the right if for any reason you break any guidelines we set forth or if your faucet is always out of funds to either take it over or delete the faucet from our website.